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The EKS Associates Approach to Comprehensive Financial Life Planning

approach imageComprehensive financial life planning provides you with a clear picture of where you stand financially and provides you with direction and discipline to help you achieve your goals. But answering individual financial questions without understanding the bigger picture or one’s long-term objectives can be difficult. That is why the EKS Associates planning approach relies on an integrated financial plan that goes far beyond investment management. We are dedicated to a comprehensive and holistic approach that begins with understanding your aspirations, and then follows a six-step process to help you get there. The six steps, described below and illustrated on the right, are:

  1. Gather Data: A face-to-face meeting to identify your goals, values and risk tolerance.
  2. Analyze Financials: We analyze all the data to determine your current financial position, if your needs are being met, if the plan is aligned with your personal goals, and what gaps exist that need to be addressed. The comprehensive analysis includes reviewing your cash flow, budgets, taxes, insurance, estate and retirement plans, education planning, and investment portfolio.
  3. Present Plan: A second face-to-face meeting allows us to present your comprehensive financial life plan and explain the specific recommendations and action items.
  4. Implement Plan: Implementation occurs once agreement is reached and priorities are set.
  5. Monitor Plan: We monitor the plan’s performance against your goals and needs, and make new recommendations as needed.
  6. Rebalance the Plan: The plan and portfolio are rebalanced as necessary to ensure your goals will continue to be met.

In addition, with your permission, during the implementation stage we make ourselves available to meet with your other trusted advisors, such as accountants and attorneys, to ensure your entire advisory team is on the same page, that nothing is overlooked, and no plans conflict with the other.

What You Can Expect

Wondering what happens at a financial planning meeting? Read about what you can expect when you meet with an EKS Associates advisor.

Program Descriptions

Monitoring and rebalancing a plan is crucial to meeting one’s goals over the long-term. To meet the needs of all individuals, EKS Associates offers two different follow-up programs. Learn about them here.

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EKS Associates serves a client base eager to align their life goals with their financial goals. Our commitment and fee-only structured approach to comprehensive financial life planning gives clients confidence about their financial future. To determine how we can help you plan for yours, contact us and request an initial introductory consultation