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Comprehensive financial life planning goes far beyond investment management and retirement planning. The process explores your financial and personal life goals, provides you with a clear picture of where you stand financially, and offers you direction and discipline to help you achieve your dreams.

There are numerous areas of your life that impact your ability to become (and remain) financially independent. That is why we are committed to a holistic approach that begins with understanding your aspirations, and then follows a six-step process to help you become financially independent and live the life you want.

Six Steps to Help You Achieve (and Maintain) Financial Independence

Six Steps to Help You Achieve (and Maintain) Financial Independence

  1. Establish Goals: A face-to-face meeting identifies your goals, values, and risk tolerance.

  2. Gather Data: We review the Fact Finder and supporting documents you provide - such as investment statements, wills, and insurance policies - to ensure we have everything we need to develop your comprehensive plan.

  3. Develop Plan: We analyze the data to determine:

    -- Your current financial position
    -- If your needs are being met
    -- If the plan is aligned with your personal goals
    -- What gaps need to be addressed

    The comprehensive analysis includes reviewing your current and future cash flow, retirement projection, taxes, insurance, estate plan, education planning, and investment portfolio.

  4. Present Plan: In this second face-to-face meeting, your advisor presents your comprehensive financial life plan and explains the specific recommendations and action items. Included in the plan is the following:

    -- Net worth statement
    -- Cash flow analysis
    -- Retirement projection showing how long money will last
    -- Analysis of current investment portfolio
    -- Additional reports as appropriate

  5. Implement Plan: Once you are comfortable with the financial plan and priorities have been set, implementation begins. 

  6. Monitor Plan: We monitor the plan’s performance against your goals. As your financial advisors, we are available to meet with you, make new plan recommendations, and rebalance your portfolio as needed, to ensure your goals continue to be met. 

In addition, to ensure your entire advisory team is working together toward the same goals, we can consult with your other trusted advisors (such as your accountant and attorney). 

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What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect

It is natural to be nervous about a first meeting when you don't know what to expect. We want you to feel comfortable, so we've described what you can expect at a financial planning meeting here.

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Follow-Up Service Options

Follow-Up Service Options

Monitoring and rebalancing a plan is crucial to meeting goals over the long-term. We offer two distinct follow-up service options to meet individual needs.

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Meet Your Advisor Team

Meet Your Advisor Team

As fee-only financial planners, our loyalty is always to you - our client. Get to know us here, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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