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What You Can Expect When You Meet with an EKS Associates Financial Planning Advisor

Anxiety about the unknown often stops people from pursuing important things, such as financial planning. To ease your concerns, here is an explanation about what to expect when you meet with an advisor at EKS Associates.

The first in-person meeting is called the Data Gathering Meeting and typically lasts two hours. To make this meeting as productive as possible, we have designed a document for clients to complete before they come in. This helps to organize your documents and goals and gives us a foundation to begin your plan. Of course, our time together will expand on the information you provide and we can assist you with anything you struggle to obtain. Download the EKS Fact Finder Questionnaire here to get started.

When we meet, we’ll review the Fact Finder Questionnaire with you and invite you to share with us your financial and life goals. Understanding what you want, as well as what you need, allows us to create a strategy that will help you succeed. At this meeting, we listen far more than we talk.

The second in-person meeting, scheduled approximately eight weeks later, is the Plan Delivery, also scheduled for two hours. Here, we review the financial plan and how each of the elements ties into your bigger financial picture. The meeting doesn’t end until you feel comfortable and all your questions have been answered. We expect you to think of questions after you leave, so we schedule a follow-up phone call to review any additional questions that may arise, and only then begin implementation of the plan.

After implementation, the amount of hands-on support you receive is determined by the plan level you select: Retainer, Annual Update, or Semi-Annual Update. Click here to learn more about these service plans.