Why Fee-Only Financial Planning

What is the Benefit of Fee-Only Financial Planning?



As fee-only certified financial planners, we do not receive compensation from third parties. Clients pay a flat retainer fee or hourly rate in exchange for the advice we provide; and that fee is never contingent upon the size of the portfolio.

Our only compensation comes from you - our client. 

Why We Believe in Fee-Only Financial Planning

Since the firm’s founding more than 30 years ago, we have been committed to fee-only comprehensive financial life planning because we believe it is the most responsible way to help our clients. Running a business that does not act in the best interest of the client is simply not sustainable. Two things make our process stand out among the crowd of financial planning and investment advisory firms.

The first is the comprehensive nature of our financial life plans.

The second is our fee-only approach.

How EKS Associates is Different from Other Financial Planners

As fee-only financial planners, we are registered investment advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients’ best interests. We receive our compensation directly from you, the client. We do not receive compensation from third parties based on recommendations made in the financial plan, such as commissions from mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or any other source.

Clients pay us a flat retainer fee or hourly rate for the advice we provide, which means you can feel confident the recommendations are solely in your best interest. Plus, your fee is never contingent upon the size of your portfolio.

By focusing on comprehensive financial planning within a fee-only business model, we are able to spend time evaluating and advising on all aspects of a financial plan that can impact your financial independence. You can feel confident that if we recommend a product, it is right for your unique situation, and not motivated by commissions of any kind.

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At EKS Associates, our loyalties are to our clients, always putting their needs, values, and goals first.

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Focused on Your Future

Our financial advisors are prepared to guide you through all of life's transitions. We focus on helping you protect your assets, grow your wealth, and ultimately pass your legacy to the next generation in an efficient manner.

Unbiased Advice

Our loyalty is always to you. Every recommendation is based on your unique needs and goals. No commissions - ever.

A Holistic Approach

Comprehensive planning considers every aspect of your life that can impact your ability to achieve financial independence.

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